Saturday, May 23, 2009

Updates & Custom made orders

It's been quite a while since we posted goodies here in I Love Wonderland. :) Would like to thank A Shopaholic's Den for reviewing us a couple of weeks ago. ^_^

Anyway, here are some pictures of customized orders made for our lovely customers.

It's the donut craze my friends! :) Interested? Get one yourself. Click here.

Chocolate Chip Cookie set. Earrings and pendant! Yummy! Like it? Click here

A special box of goodies. Rainbow Lolly, Gingy, Pressie, Strawberry Mousse Cake.

Custom made apple. :)

Stay tune as we post new arrivals soon! They are going to make you drool* :D

Friday, May 1, 2009

New Special Edition : I Heart You Bear Necklace with Clay Alphabet

New Special Edition: I Heart You Bear Necklace with Clay Alphabet

Give us your first initial, pick a colour and a bear pendant and there you go, a cute & irresistible necklace. ^_^ Oh...and its a steal too!

Click here now!