Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chocolate Chip Cookie : "Now you see it, now you don't! "

Ever crave for those chocolate chip cookie on one of those glutton days? Well, what's a few piece for some indulgence just to cheer you up once in a while with a warm glass of milk...

Crispy cookies with melting chocolate chips. Yummy!~

Introducing our new creation, the Chocolate Chip Cookie. Crispy with soft melting chocolate chips! Get one now to satisfy your crave when the real thing is out of reach!

Name: Chocolate Chip Cookie

Description: I am the ultimate chocolate chip cookie, crispy with soft melting chocolate chips.

Size: Pendant (diameter 2.5cm), Earring (diameter 2cm)

Buy me: RM8 pendant / RM15 earring

1 comment:

April ♥ said...

Wow, this is so cute. I want this. Are you selling this? How much is it?
Love all your works. (^_____^)