Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Elegant Gold Charm Bracelets

Captured within these charms are a fairytale and the cuteness of a baby. These charms are hooked on to an elegant gold finished bracelet. It exudes charm and cuteness on the wearer's wrist and simply accessories any type of clothes making the person look simply extraordinary. (Did we go too far there? You see it for yourself )

Introducing the Elegant Gold Charm Bracelets

Come in 2 types : A Cinderella's Tale & What's in a baby's bag

Click to see the larger image of all the charms

Cinderella's carriage. Intricate design with shinny wheels and a diamond studded flower.

Name: Elegant Gold Charm Bracelets (A Cinderella's Tale or What's in a baby's bag)
Description: Oozing with cuteness and charms up the wearer's hands
Size: Bracelet length is adjustable. Just email us your size
Buy me: RM35

Only 2 charm bracelets available now! Hurry!

Coach Heart Charm

While scouting around for ideas and inspirations, some shinny shimmery thing glittered in a distance. We walked nearer and saw that it was so cute, so elegant, so irresistable that we bought a few and thought we should just introduce it exclusively for all those who love heart charms.

Introducing the Coach Heart Charm

Name: Coach Heart Charm
Description: Comes in 4 colours (pink, red, white, blue)
Size: Enamel pendant (diameter 2.1cm)
Buy me: RM20 pendant with necklace / RM10 handphone charm

You know you want it...what are you waiting for? Only 4 charms available now! Goes well with almost anything!

I Heart You Bear

We know you won't be able to resist the charm of the I Heart You Bear (because we fell deeply in love with it too!). It brings love to the person who beholds it. Each bear comes with diamonds exuding elegance and will suit quite nicely with any attire.

I Heart You Bear

Name: I Heart You Bear
Description: Comes in 4 colours (blue, red, white, yellow)
Size: Pendant (Width 1.4cm, Height 2.4cm)
Buy me: RM25 pendant with necklace / RM12 handphone charm

New Special Edition!

Name: I Heart You Bear customised alphabet with necklace
Description: I Heart You Bear comes in 4 colours (blue, red, white, yellow)
Clay alphabet can be made into any available colours (*Just mail us :) )
Size: Pendant (Width 1.4cm, Height 2.4cm)
Clay Alphabet (Width 1cm, Height 1.5cm)
Buy me: RM30 inclusive of delivery
*What a steal!! :D

Let me hear you say L-O-V-E!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thanks to A Shopaholics Den

Thank you for reviewing us! Terima Kasih

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chocolate Chip Cookie : "Now you see it, now you don't! "

Ever crave for those chocolate chip cookie on one of those glutton days? Well, what's a few piece for some indulgence just to cheer you up once in a while with a warm glass of milk...

Crispy cookies with melting chocolate chips. Yummy!~

Introducing our new creation, the Chocolate Chip Cookie. Crispy with soft melting chocolate chips! Get one now to satisfy your crave when the real thing is out of reach!

Name: Chocolate Chip Cookie

Description: I am the ultimate chocolate chip cookie, crispy with soft melting chocolate chips.

Size: Pendant (diameter 2.5cm), Earring (diameter 2cm)

Buy me: RM8 pendant / RM15 earring

Monday, April 20, 2009

Chocolate Mousse Cake with chocolate coating

Have you ever had one of those days when you were dying for some chocolaty dessert that is not too heavy? A piece of chocolate mousse cake may just be able to cure the fix! Chocolaty top with soft mousse. Yummmmmmy!

Don't you just feel like digging your fork into one of these now?

Introducing our new creation, the Chocolate Mousse Cake with chocolate coating. Get one now, we promise it'll never create a mess melting on your clothes.

Name: Chocolate Mousse Cake with chocolate coating
Description: Yummy! I am drenched in chocolate coating and my mousse just simply melts in your mouth.
Size: About a RM0.10 coin
Buy me: RM8 pendant / RM15 earring

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thanks Shopping Roll!

Yipee!! We've been featured in Shopping Roll and we are simply thrilled!

Thanks Shopping Roll!