Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Christmas Cheer for everyone!

It's Christmas once again & what better way than to give during this season of joy & sharing! :)

I Love Wonderland is proud to announce that we are one of the sponsors of 2 great contests organised by Your Shopping Kaki and would like to invite all I Love Wonderlanders (that's you!) to participate and be part of the fun! How? Scroll down now ;)

The Lifetime Free Postage Pass Contest

Yes! Lifetime Free Postage Pass..that's for as long as you and I are alive :P
*Terms: Free pos daftar & if purchase above RM50 free pos laju

For more details click here

The Shopaholic Star Search

This one is pretty easy. Just dress up in all your goodies bought online, strike a pose, snap a picture of yourself & send it over to Your Shopping Kaki! Easy?

Click here for more details now!

So hop on over to Your Shopping Kaki now ;)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Holidays

We at I Love Wonderland would like to wish all Muslim friends a Selamat Hari Raya and to our non-Muslim friends Happy Holidays! Have a safe "Balik Kampung" journey. We would too! Flying to our little "kampung" in the skies! ;)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

NEW: Yummy Erasers Collection

Shopping is just so fun and addictive isn't it? I am terribly guilty of shopping these days. Especially online shopping. I have just got to hang my mouse and stop clicking now eh? :)

Went offline shopping one day (offline == really walking in the shops physically) and saw these irresistible cuties. They are erasers! I remember seeing them when I was much younger in Isetan which then caused a bomb. They are now so much more affordable ^_^

I took the liberty to buy these cuties to introduce to you the Yummy Erasers Collection. I don't think anyone can actually bear to erase anything with these erasers right? I wouldn't. My collections are nicely sitting on my desk :D

Cupcake with Strawberry Cream

Strawberry Birthday Cake

Sundae with Pink Cup

Whipped Cream Log Cake

Crepe with Strawberry Cream

Strawberry Cream Biscuit

Drooling already?

Name: Yummy Erasers Collection
Description: What's there to describe? The pictures say it all. They all look so yummy that they look like they're screaming "Eat Me!" in unison!
Buy me: RM8 with normal delivery

Hurry! Only 1 set available now.

More erasers collection coming your way :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Here are some customised orders we made for our lovely customer. :)

Lollies that were bigger than the usual one! :)~ Customised with names.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yummy Earrings

Yummy Ice-Cream Earrings

Name: Yummy Ice-Cream Earrings

Description: We are the yummy ice-cream friends! We never melt and always stay as cute as ever. Yum! (made of plastic)

Size: Width 0.7cm, Height 1.3cm

Buy me: RM6 a pair inclusive of normal post delivery

Berry Earrings

Name: Berry earrings

Description: We are the strawberry friends. Sweet and yummy! (made of plastic)

Size: Width 0.7cm, Height 0.9cm

Buy me: RM4 a pair inclusive of normal post delivery

Lollipop Earrings

Name: Lollipop earrings

Description: Lollipops! Need we say more? Sweeeeet! ^_^ (made of plastic)

Size: Width 1cm, Height 1.5cm

Buy me: RM4 a pair inclusive of normal post delivery

Status: ALL SOLD

Everyday Pick Me Up Snacks

The weather these days are just plain crazy. Scorching hot sun one day, rainy days for a period and now HAZE! Introducing sweet delights and all time favorite good ol' flipping pancakes and cuties that will make you go crazy as the weather! tee hee* Go on..SCROLL down now! ^_^


Name: Watermelon Popsicle

Description: I am so thirst quenching that somebody actually had a bite! You can have me dry straight from the freezer (matte) or melting (with shinny gloss)

Size: Pendant / Earrings (Width 1.4cm, Height 2.3cm)

Buy me: RM 9 pendant (without necklace) / RM16 earrings / RM24 set (with necklace)

Chocolate Mango Creme Cake

Name:Chocolate Mango Creme Cake

Description: Soft moist chocolate cake with mango creme. The combination is just too divine! The fragrance of the mango creme coupled with soft moist chocolate just too hard to resist!

Size: Pendant (Width 1.4cm, Height 1.8cm) /Earrings (Width 1.2cm, Height 1.5cm)

Buy me: RM 9 pendant (without necklace) / RM16 earring / RM24 set (with necklace)

'Date Me?' Chocolate with Mango filling

Name:'Date Me?' Chocolate with Mango filling

Description: Would you like to 'Date Me?' What better way then to send this sweet chocolate to the one you love whilst asking for a date? Don't you agree its just too sweet to resist? *The chocolate that neither melt in your hands nor in your mouth! :p

Size: Pendant/Earrings (Width 1.5cm, Height 2cm)

Buy me: RM 8 pendant (without necklace) / RM15 earring / RM22 set (with necklace)

Flipping Pancakes with melted butter and syrup

Name: Flipping Pancakes with melted butter and syrup

Description: The good old warm flipping pancakes with melted butter and hot syrup. Yummy! They look so good it makes you just want to make your own pancakes!

Size: Pendant (Width 1.7cm, Height 1.5cm)

Buy me: RM 10 pendant (without necklace)

Miss Onigiri

Name: Miss Onigiri

Description: Miss Onigiri's been awhile for some time. Always known for her sweet smile and blushing cheeks. She is always a favourite among her friends. With a cute red bow and black seaweed strip, she is almost as adorable as Hello Kitty *With a mouth that is! :D

Size: Pendant (Width 1.6cm, Height 2cm)

Buy me: RM 8 pendant (without necklace) / RM15 earring / RM22 set (with necklace)

Healthy Cracker Bite

Remember the good old cracker that we eat when we are hungry and have nothing else to fight the hunger? Introducing the healthy cracker bite that can never go wrong! It's so healthy that it comes with cheese, fresh tomato slices and mayo! *psss..Don't worry, the toppings won't drip on your dress. We have tested :P

Healthy Cracker Bite

Name:Healthy Cracker Bite

Description: The healthy cracker bite that beats the hunger and yet healthy for the health conscious. *Not edible though :D

Size: Pendant (Width 2.5cm, Height 2.5cm) , Earrings (Width 2cm, Height 2cm)

Buy me: RM9 pendant (without necklace) / RM16 earrings / RM24 set (with necklace)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Updates & Custom made orders

It's been quite a while since we posted goodies here in I Love Wonderland. :) Would like to thank A Shopaholic's Den for reviewing us a couple of weeks ago. ^_^

Anyway, here are some pictures of customized orders made for our lovely customers.

It's the donut craze my friends! :) Interested? Get one yourself. Click here.

Chocolate Chip Cookie set. Earrings and pendant! Yummy! Like it? Click here

A special box of goodies. Rainbow Lolly, Gingy, Pressie, Strawberry Mousse Cake.

Custom made apple. :)

Stay tune as we post new arrivals soon! They are going to make you drool* :D

Friday, May 1, 2009

New Special Edition : I Heart You Bear Necklace with Clay Alphabet

New Special Edition: I Heart You Bear Necklace with Clay Alphabet

Give us your first initial, pick a colour and a bear pendant and there you go, a cute & irresistible necklace. ^_^ Oh...and its a steal too!

Click here now!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Elegant Gold Charm Bracelets

Captured within these charms are a fairytale and the cuteness of a baby. These charms are hooked on to an elegant gold finished bracelet. It exudes charm and cuteness on the wearer's wrist and simply accessories any type of clothes making the person look simply extraordinary. (Did we go too far there? You see it for yourself )

Introducing the Elegant Gold Charm Bracelets

Come in 2 types : A Cinderella's Tale & What's in a baby's bag

Click to see the larger image of all the charms

Cinderella's carriage. Intricate design with shinny wheels and a diamond studded flower.

Name: Elegant Gold Charm Bracelets (A Cinderella's Tale or What's in a baby's bag)
Description: Oozing with cuteness and charms up the wearer's hands
Size: Bracelet length is adjustable. Just email us your size
Buy me: RM35

Only 2 charm bracelets available now! Hurry!