Wednesday, October 22, 2008

NEW: Magnet Bunny

New Arrivals!

Another cute item from us: Magnet Bunny! Magnet Bunny is a rather cute and friendly bunny who has many other cute and adorable friends. One thing Magnet Bunny doesn't understand is why she gets stucked to metal object all the time! And whenever that happens, she just cant help but blush!

Hmmm...could it be this black thingy? (Yup its a magnet :P)

Magnet Bunny stucked to my computer table and blushing away!How cute! ^_^

Size: Width 3cm, Length 5cm
Buy me: RM15 only
Price inclusive of delivery

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Customised photo frames

New arrivals!

We now offer customised photo frames! It's the perfect thing to flaunt in your house to show the artsy fartsy side of you or to impress someone on their birthdays.

Buy me: RM45 only

Do contact us should you have any special request on the frame size, the colour of the frame or the numbers of clay charms you want on your frame.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Chocolate Delights for the chocoholics

We all love chocolates don't we? No matter how sweet, fattening and guilty it makes us, we still crave for them. All hail to chocolate!! *Please excuse our over enthusiasm over chocolate :)~ To show our appreciation to chocolate, we have some new arrivals all handmade to look like chocolate! Yummy!

Name: Chok Ka Lat
Description: I am Chok Ka Lat to tempt your senses minus the calories. *Someone actually took a bite off me :(
Size: Width 1.5cm, Length 2cm
Buy me: RM8.00

Name: Brownie Brothers (comes in green, pink or yellow topping)
Description: We are the brownie brothers. It's no wonder, good things always comes in three.
Size: Width 1.5cm, Height 1.5cm
Buy me: RM8.00

Necklace is not included. For illustration purposes only, if interested in necklace please state in email during order. :)

Name: Cream Cookies

Description: I love my cookies and I hope you love them just as much. It comes with different flavours to suit your fancy.
Size: Width 1.5cm, Height 1.5cm
Buy me: RM8.00

Name: Kopi Bean
Description: I am Kopi Bean, the uncle of Coffee Bean and Starbucks. I am the Kopi Bean for you coffee lovers out there to declare your love to me. ^^
Size: Width 1cm, Length 1.5cm
Buy me: RM4.00